The material reciprocates

paint skin

I have the ability to make this visible through my movements and gestures. As I engage with  the material it reciprocates by holding the idea for me. Employing the generosity of the camera’s singular vision I exist between the two. I am held between the material and the shutter.  I am thrilled and irritated by the timer of the camera urging on my response. I am aware that it reveals itself depending on my position in this present moment.I see it appear and disappear and I pay it some attention. I witness an initial  unreasoning form of the material and now I scorn because the words are so self conscious. The visual language of the image holds all the proof of this instinctual act. Thinking through the material somatically allows me to dissect it and draw out what similarities exist. The image holds all types of information and provides evidence of this process. The knowledge exists between the interactive nature of the observer and the observed. I am both absorbing and being absorbed.The outcome becomes evidence of my focus and a merging of the feeling and the felt.

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