An open durational performance, presented at my studio in Cork Film Centre. Tommy Lysaght ( stoneworker) worked on the stone for a durational period. Viewers were welcome to observe, walk around and reflect in the space.

In the case of sculpture (free standing), the viewer may move around to see it, as opposed to standing still ( up close or far away) to look at an image.

Light, lighting,shadow, reflections and colour, all the objects of the painters quest are not altogether real objects,like ghosts, they have only virtual existence. In fact, they exist only at the threshold of profane vision; they are not seen by everyone. The painter’s gaze asks them what they do to suddenly cause something to be and to be this thing, what they do to compose this worldly talisman and so to make us see the visible. Merleau-Ponty

We watch the work. We watch the artist in the flow of the work. We watch the transformation. We observe what is left behind. We continue the transformation (memory, conversation, images).

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