Documented performative structure

Video of Tommy Lysaght ( stoneworker) carving and etching stone at my studio in Cork Film Centre. Presented as a durational performative structure, viewers were free to enter the space and watch the work as it manifested. This included all the sounds within the space ( the rhythmic and captivating sound of the tools etching, Tommy’s movements on the floor and in the space, his exhales as he made decisions, loose sediment reaching the floor).Through the carving (the performative elements within the work) it has the potential to become an act of bodily incorporation.

My understanding of phenomenology involves the philosophical study of the structures of experience and consciousness. Through our perceptions we have the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses. The word aesthetic translates as perception by the senses. When we appreciate a piece of work aesthetically, we have the potential to grasp what the artwork immanently expresses.

Link to video of studio work


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